Pounds of Marijuana and Multiple Firearms Seized in Operation Green Wave

Humboldt County, Ca. (KIEM) — The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office conducts operation green wave and seizes pounds of marijuana and multiple firearms. Green wave is a yearly enforcement effort with the California National Guard.

Teams served a search warrant on an unpermitted cultivation site in the burr valley area off highway 36. Officers located 42-year-old Zeb Giacomini on site. He had a permitted operation on his property next door, but had expanded it onto neighboring property.

Over 1400 outdoor marijuana plants, 50 pounds of processed bud, 5 rifles, and 2 handguns were located on site. Two of the rifles were modified to be fully automatic. Giacomini was booked on charges of felony cultivation of marijuana and possession of marijuana for sales. Additional charges are pending.