Many restaurants forced to close, local eatery wants to help

EUREKA, Ca. (KIEM)-Amid the Covid-19 crisis, local restaurant owners are left with no option but to shut down.

Drive-thru eateries like Humboldt Soup Company feel fortunate to have a drive-thru option.

Many eating establishments have been left with either giving their perishable food to their staff or let it spoil.

Some have opted to hang on to hope and hold-out until the pandemic passes. 

Executive Chef Christine Silver recognized weeks ago the restaurant industry was headed into a situation especially for those restaurants without a drive-thru alternative.

She came up with an idea to help her fellow restaurateurs.

“Other restaurants are not necessarily going to be able to do that,” Silver said.

Rather than see closed restaurant’s inventory go bad she came up with an idea to help keep money in her community.

“I thought it might be good to be able to offer to purchase their inventory on their shelf,” she said.

Customers are what keep their doors open according to Silver.

“One thing that I’ve always respected as a restaurant person in Humboldt, we have such a loyal base here, customers appreciate us,” she said. “They have their favorites. They’re going out to eat, and they’ll continue to do that as best they can.”

Contact Chef Christine Silver at Humboldt Soup Company for more information.