Yurok Chairman addresses NFL team name change


YUROK, Calif. (KIEM) – On July 13, the Washington Redskins organization announced the retirement of the team’s name and logo.

The decision followed years of public concern about the way the name depicts Native Americans.

Shortly after the “thorough review” process began on July 3, the NFL team released a statement saying the change will take effect once a review of the team’s name is complete.

We reached out to the local Yurok Tribe and asked what they believe this change means for Native American communities across the country.

Yurok chairman Joseph James says it’s been a long time coming but he appreciates his Native brothers and sisters for pursing the long battle.

James says removing the racial slur from the NFL team is a step in the right direction. He adds that it is important to learn and understand the history of Indigenous people, as well as to stand up against any name or historical item that may demean any community.