Red-Salmon Complex Fire at 4,617 acres, 12% contained


**UPDATE as of 10 p.m. Saturday. The Red Fire is 3,869 acres and 5% contained and Salmon Fire is 751 acres and 29% contained. A new forest closure went into effect Saturday.  

WILLOW CREEK, Calif. (KIEM)-hotter and drier conditions expected this weekend has the potential for increased growth of the red-salmon complex fire according to the U.S. forestry service. 

The Red and the Salmon fires – totals 4,600 and is 12% contained.  

These fires, caused by lighting, were discovered July 27th burning in the Trinity Alps wilderness on the Six Rivers and Shasta-Trinity National Forests.  

Crews are utilizing minimum impact suppression techniques in the wilderness as well as control lines from past fires outside the wilderness as contingency lines.  

The Red Fire, now, more than 3,860 acres and 0% contained.  

Crews are making significant progress along the fire’s northern edge through strategic firing operations conducted by ground crews, as well as an unmanned aircraft system, equipped with an ignition device to help build the width of the line and prevent fire from spreading across it. 

Smoke is expected to be worse near the fire, with overnight and morning smoke accumulating in drainage bottoms. In the evening, smoke is anticipated to flow to the south and west of the fires.  

Communities between Somes Bar and Willow Creek are expected to have increased smoke compared to Friday. 

Air quality may change unexpectedly, daily smoke forecasts and air quality information can be found by clicking here. Found here: 

The Red-Salmon Fire Complex Forest Closure takes effect on Saturday, all National Forest System roads within the Red-Salmon Fire Complex Closure Area are closed. 

Also included closures: Forest Road Nos. 07N53 (Grizzly Camp), 07N15 (Fawn Ridge), 10N05 (Upper Leary Creek), 10N01 (Trinity Summit), and 07N10 (Lone Pine Ridge).  

All National Forest System trails within the Red-Salmon Fire Complex Closure Area are closed as well as: Forest Trail Nos. 6E04 (Orleans Mt Trail), 5438 (Nordheimer), 12W08 (East Fork New River), and 12W02 (Salmon Summit). Big Rock River Access.   

COVID-19 precautions are a priority at all incident camps with daily temperature screenings of personnel. Implemented measures, such as wearing face coverings and social distancing have been put in place to prevent coronavirus spread. 

Community and firefighter safety are a top priority of both the incident management team and the National Forests.   

This is an ongoing story we’re following — we will update you as soon as more information becomes available.