Officials put measures in place to slow COVID-19 on reservation, One new case reported


Hoopa Valley, Calif. (KIEM)-The Hoopa Office of Emergency Services reported today one new COVID-19 case bringing their total confirmed cases to 43. 

Twenty-five cases remain active with 18 recoveries and 0 deaths.  

Statistics are the latest testing performed at K’ima:w medical center.  

Hoopa valley OES is putting measures in place to help slow the spread in their community. 

Abraham Camez III is the safety officer with the COVID-19 Management Team in Hoopa Valley.  

“I was able to catch up with the travel safety waivers, and there are approximately eight active waivers in place at this time,” he said. 

According to Camez, travel safety waivers have been put in place to establish a baseline, and in a worst case scenario, an established foundation has been laid out for track and trace – there motto, hope for the best and prepare for the worst. 

“With the team recommending to the counsel that we extend our essential, non-essential, this will allow for safety to work with these departments and entities to develop their reopening plan,” he said.  

Camez says, their goal is to provide continued support to tribal businesses and entities by continued education and the distribution of masks, gloves, cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer. 

He has a message for those using a reusable cloth style face masks. 

“It’s important that you wash them daily,” he said. “You can get sick if you don’t take care of those masks.” 

They can be laundered, those who have multiple masks should switch them out but remember to wash those, too, according to Camez.  

OES staff are reminding their team to stay healthy and to inform him if they need a break or rest. 

“Make sure to take taking care of yourselves,” he said. “We’ve been putting in a lot of time here.” 

And a lot of time implementing new ways to keep information flowing between health officials and isolated or quarantined patients, according to operation chief Allie Hostler.  

“I also want to coordinate with TIM (Task Integration Management) system to see about implementing a text messaging alert system for our isolated and quarantined families, to help get messages to them, about garbage and about cleanliness and about staying home,” said Hostler.  

For now, the hotline is the best way to reach out to the Hoopa Office of Emergency Services for those who have questions, concerns or in need of supplies, that number is (530) 625-8100.