Cosce brothers reminiscent of famous UFC brothers

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) – When the Cosce brothers earned UFC contracts, they also made history. Orion and Louis Cosce became the first pair of brothers to fight in the Dana White Contender Series.

Both Orion and Louis won their bouts and are now officially UFC fighters. As they move to the next level, the Cosce brothers are reminiscent of other famous UFC brothers.

Orion Cosce said the duo has been compared to other famous fighters in the UFC.

“It doesn’t get to me. I don’t get nervous, my brother doesn’t get nervous when we fight. It’s cool, a lot of people are starting to compare us to the Diaz brothers and that is a huge accomplishment right there. We grew up watching the Diaz brothers. Before we were even fighters, those were some of our favorite fighters,” Cosce said.

Even though they grew up as fans, now other fighters are only competition to the Cosce brothers. Orion said his favorite fighters are now his brother and himself.