Viral posts circulating on web proved unsubstantiated, says police


Eureka, Calif. (KIEM)-Viral media posts warning of predators targeting women in parking lots has proved to be unsubstantiated, according to the Eureka Police Department.

EPD has received multiple reports of either 1F or 1C – which allegedly represents one female or one child written in the dust of a vehicle window – seen in the EPD’s staged photo above – while parked in store lots.

These reports have come in after numerous viral social media posts warning of predators targeting women in parking lots.

According to EPD, there is no evidence that there is an association with abduction or human trafficking.

EPD is however- making attempts to obtain surveillance of the local incidents – the department has reached out to other agencies for more information.

So far, EPD says, they haven’t received state or federal alerts of this type of abduction or trafficking technique.

EPD urges the public to be aware of your surrounding and report any suspicious activity to your local authorities.

Take notice of clothing and vehicle descriptions, and get the license plate if possible.

For some information on indicators of human trafficking from the Department of Homeland Security click here.