Dr. Ennis discusses COVID-19 advancements

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) – Many COVID-19 treatments are in development across the world, but it is unclear which are the most promising. Deputy Health Officer Dr. Josh Ennis said without properly reviewing each treatment, he would be speculating if he deemed one method better than others.

He said he could speak definitively to the importance of advancements in the past six months. Even though the developments are not major, Dr. Ennis said they have cumulatively made a large impact. This includes knowledge regarding risk levels for different age groups, faster treatment, and therapeutics.

“These things shorten hospital length of stay, they decrease mortality a little bit and the endpoint is that our health system can potentially treat, cure, and discharge people faster,” Ennis said, “That’s huge for having our health care system being able to deal with people who get sick with COVID-19. These are not major advancements, they are not silver bullets to fix everything, but they are little steps that help us deal better with the problem.”