The Walk to End Alzheimer’s was too important to be held back by rain


EUREKA Calif. (KIEM)- The rain didn’t stop the Walk to End Alzheimer’s event held earlier today in Eureka.

The Alzheimer’s Association holds this walk every year but this year it was a little different.

Instead of having one large group event, they had small groups participate in their communities with friends and family to stay in line with covid-19 guidelines.

“I think this was amazing to walk around our own neighborhood with people waving at us, cheering us on,” said Barbara Lahaie, the director of pace program for the Humboldt Senior Resource Center. “That was an incredible experience for us to be together and feel like again we are continuing on our mission.”

There was even rain during their walk, but that wasn’t a problem.

“No, that is so minor compared to the struggles that someone with Alzheimer’s and their families have to go through,” said Marty Coelho, the Marketing chair for the Alzheimer’s Association’s Walk to end Alzheimer’s.

Different colored flowers were also placed at Kamisu Park in Eureka.

“The orange flower is representative of all the folks that, in general, are supporting the cause. Our yellow flower there is representative of caregivers. So, those families that have a loved one that is battling the disease,” said Coelho. “Our purple flowers are for those who have lost someone to Alzheimer’s and our blue flower is representative of those folks that actually have the disease.”

Coelho says that there are 3,000 people in Humboldt and Del Norte counties that have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. So, this is important for the community to be aware of.

According to the Coelho, the event raised about 86,000 dollars for Alzheimer’s.

For more information on how to donate click here.

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