Thrift stores are booming during the pandemic


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)- For second-hand shops and thrift stores business is booming, even during a pandemic

“No complaints at all. It’s a weird thing to say in the middle of a pandemic,” said Ken Anglin, owner of Anglin Second Hand.  

This pandemic has caused many businesses to shut down or see a drop in sales, but it seems that thrift stores and second-hand shops have been getting a significant spike in sales right now.

“I’ve been finding that since the pandemic, we’ve actually been doing better than we typically do this time of year,” said Jennifer Anglin, junior partner of Anglin Second Hand. “We’ve been doing Christmas numbers every day.”

Online sales for second-hand items is going up as well.

“When we had to shut down and everything, we really pushed the eBay sales, the Facebook, the social media things like that,” said Hayley Simera, sales and online associate for the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop. “It’s really grown our sales and actually brought a wider audience in and yeah we’ve had more customers. Lots of sales.”

Not only have sales gone up, but donations have gone up too.

“With everybody being stuck at home for so long, the itch to do that spring cleaning and get rid of stuff are what people have been doing,” said Jennifer Anglin. “So, I’ve been getting people all the time saying hey I’m cleaning out my garage, I’m cleaning out the attic let me bring you down stuff. So, I’ve got more stuff coming in.”

The one thing that these shops and stores are grateful for, is the support from their customers.

“Some of the statements that they gave us after we opened it back up basically saying thank you for being open,” said Ken Anglin. “They actually thanked us for opening so that it would give them something to do. Even if they didn’t buy anything it was nice just to get out and do something.”