Nearly 10 year vacancy filled, New Lost Coast Resident Deputy sworn in

courtesy: HCSO

SHELTER COVE, Calif. (KIEM)-After a nearly 10 year vacancy, the lost coast resident deputy position has been filled, and today Tom Allman was sworn in.

“To the Shelter Cove Community listen, I do my backwork ground, and when I got on Facebook and saw that you have active neighborhood watch not just neighborhood watch [be]cause we have a sign, but we’re neighborhood watch because we do things,” said Allman, and then you see the road clean-up crews on Facebook, and you see, we have problems, how can we take care of these problems?

“Just citizens who want to improve their quality of life. I called the sheriff and said send me in, coach this is going to be good.”

After a 35-year-long career with Mendocino County, serving as both sheriff and coroner, Allman returns to Humboldt County to serve the same role.

 No stranger to the area, Allman split his childhood between North Carolina and Garberville – and made monthly visits to Shelter Cove as a child. 

Allman will be serving the Shelter Cove, Whitehorn and Mattole Valley communities.