Teixeira discusses CCAA decision regarding 2020-21 academic year

ARCATA, Calif. (KIEM) – This week, the CCAA announced the forgoing of all conference schedules and championships. Humboldt State University Athletics Director Jane Teixeira discussed the decision.

“I think everyone is generally disappointed, but we’ve been talking about this for a long time now,” Teixeira said. “We’ve been talking about the tea leaves and what we were seeing from a trajectory standpoint. And of course we are all disappointed.”

The CCAA statement allows for teams to participate in non-conference activities with approval from the Cal State system.

“The cancellation of the mandated CCAA season is just the required scheduling of contests with our scheduling partners,” Teixeira said. “There is opportunity within this decision, which I am grateful for, that we have autonomy that should we move into a tier which allows us to participate and have activity with either teams outside of our community or within our community, specifically like CR, that we will try to do that should public health and our institution determine that we can do it safely.”

Teixeira said there is a chance that the CCAA could return to play, but it would be unlikely given the circumstances.

“I would say that it would probably be up to a presidential decision if they wanted to restart a conference schedule based on the information they had at the time,” Teixeira said. “I think the harder part to restarting a conference schedule would be getting kids on campus and getting them competition ready so you avoid injuries.”

After hearing the news, Teixeira said she was saddened for all student-athletes, especially for seniors who decided to return after last year’s cancellations.

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