Local store sells $5 million scratch-off ticket, Owner of store gets small percentage of winnings


FERNDALE, Calif. (KIEM)-Last night a store in Ferndale sold a scratch off ticket worth $5 million.

The owner of the store says it’s a win for the community and their talking.

Brian Christensen is a clerk at Ferndale Liquors and says he sold the winning scratch-off, only finding out after his co-worker told him.

“He had a one-hundred-dollar bill, and it was 10 or 11 in the morning, I wasn’t quite sure if I had enough money in the register to break it,” he said.  

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A Marin County man was in Ferndale helping his cousin finish-up some work, and when the clerk couldn’t make change, he [lotto winner] went ahead and bought an extra ticket.

“And that turned out to be the winning ticket,” said Christensen.

“At first, he [lotto winner] thought it was a joke, and sure enough he won 5 million dollars,” said store owner Cameron Renner.

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Renner is a fifth generation Ferndale resident and business owner, and says the big news is great for the community.

“It helps with moral, it’s exciting,” he said.

“The store gets a cut, which could not come at a better time, the retail industry was impacted by COVID-19, also impacting Lisa Renner’s business, the Ferndale Clothing Co.  

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“You know COVID wasn’t that kind to her,” said Cameron Renner.

 “Paying off loans, and paying rent, and that kind of thing, you know COVID wasn’t that kind to her,” he said.

The Renners will receive about a half a percent of the proceeds as a bonus for selling the ticket.

“It is a little bit of a relief, but again were just waiting to find out what we get from it,” said Lisa Renner.

Which according to her husband will most likely be about $25,000, and after taxes will be closer to $17,000.

“This is just a blessing and I feel that when were blessed we should pay someone forward,” she said.

“My wife and I we’ll definitely be doing something for the employees with that money, and we’ll probably make a donation to some kind of cause, here in Ferndale,” he said.

Something Ferndale resident and realtor Jessica VanPelt-Stretch says, doesn’t surprise her.

“They are wonderful people, they’ve been part of this community and helped with the businesses and bringing people to town,” she said. “And just couldn’t happen to better people.”