State of California, Humboldt County to shift to age-based vaccination plan after phase 1B


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) — With Covid-19 vaccinations underway, the question remains: who’s next in line?

For Humboldt County, phase 1B is open, and the next group eligible for a shot includes people 65 and older, those who work in higher education, and food and agriculture workers. That includes grocery store and restaurant employees.

“It also includes the production side, so the people who produce food both on a farm or in a warehouse, large scale kitchens, it runs the gamete,” according to Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Ian Hoffman.

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After phase 1B, the County’s updated vaccination plan says the California Department of Public Health is shifting to an age-based vaccination plan. There is no longer a 1C tier. The change will not have any impact on phase 1B that is currently open.

“It really means that after those occupations in phase 1B that everyone will be going through the line based on their age and those will open up, we’re being told statewide, all at the same time,” Hoffman says.

There’s also the new guidance from the State about opening up vaccinations for people 16 to 64 years old with certain medical conditions starting March 15th. Due to limited supply, Hoffman says it’s unlikely that will happen in mid-March, but he did explain what that might look like.

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“We’ll be working with medical providers to have them call those patients in based on their medical records, and doing outreach and then have some sort of referral system to allow for people who don’t have access to a vaccination site through their primary care provider or who don’t have insurance,” Hoffman adds.

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Hoffman says he hopes that the approval of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, and more doses coming from the federal government, will help increase supply and accelerate local vaccinations.