CR Basketball opts out of season


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM) – Nearly a year after their last game, the College of the Redwoods men’s basketball program arrived at the tough decision of opting out of the season.

Head Coach Ryan Bisio and Athletics Director Bob Brown discussed the complex decision. Bisio called it a disappointing outcome.

“Safety is at the paramount of all of this certainly for our student-athletes, for our coaches, our staff, our personnel, and the community,” Brown said.

CR explored every avenue, but the logistical challenges kept piling up. Brown said the program even explored playing at a neutral site. Ultimately, it came down to the time frame.

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“Just a little bit too late. I think if we had a couple more months or something like that to fit our season into that window we would have made it,” Bisio said.

While CR Basketball may have opted out of the season, it might not be the last time the Corsairs take the floor this season. The team is currently practicing at Eureka High School with the hopes of returning to campus for some game action.

“Any sport that chose to opt out through the CCCAA is being given the opportunity up until June 27 to conduct two scrimmages,” Brown said.

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The next step for the Corsairs is getting back on the court and picking up where they left off.

“Luckily for us, we found a way to win a title last year and remain champions for two years which is pretty rare,” Bisio said. “We are still enjoying the fruits of our labor but when it is time to get back on the floor, we are going to be ready to resume. That’s for sure.”

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Bisio said his team will be excited just to get out on the floor and play again. He said he cannot wait to share that joy with them.