Weekend mass vaccination clinic yields more than 300 inoculations, left over vaccines used of continued effort


HOOPA VALLEY, Calif. (KIEM)-According to the Hoopa Office Of Emergency Services, 309 COVID -19 vaccines were administered at the mass vaccination clinic held in Hoopa over the weekend.

The clinic was open to all river community members from Willow Creek to Burnt Ranch.

Hoopa officials say the bulk of those who have received vaccines are from Willow Creek, with 78-receipients affiliated to a tribe.

Allie Hostler with the Covid-19 Management Team says the un-used vaccines are still viable and will be administered at a later date.

“We planned to administer a thousand vaccines and we were prepared to go a little over a thousand, if the demand was there, and we didn’t actually have all the vaccines on site,” she said. “We were prepared to run and get them where they were stored safely. We’ll be able to hold those for future vaccine efforts.

Those who received their first dose on March 11th will need to come back for their second dose on April 8th, and those who were vaccinated Saturday will be scheduled for their second dose on April 24th.

For more information click here or call the Hoopa hotline at (530)625-8100