Santa Cruz couple touring area property says neighbor shot dog without provocation, Police report filed


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM)-A Santa Cruz family’s visit to Humboldt County turned tragic when they say one of their dogs was shot while visiting a 46-acre property up for sale.

March 25th, 2021 is a date Stacy Ramsey And Douglas Pietz will never forget.

“You know I think this was, any dog parent this is their absolute worst nightmare,” said Ramsey.

“I can’t believe that, that happened, I mean there was not warning, we were right there, he [neighbor] could have called out.”

While out touring a property in Witchpec with their two dogs, their Blue Coonhound mix named Sophie was shot and killed, they say by a neighbor.

“I remember seeing his face, him with the gun in his hand with a scope on it and him heading into the house,” she said.  

Ramsey says the pain is unbearable, as tears rolled down her face, the aguish heard in her voice.

“[And] I just feel like my mind has been replaying the same 5 second loop in my head. Cause when you go through something as traumatic as this, your brain is trying to fix it,” she said.

 As the tour came to an end a gun shot rang out in the distance, then a second shot.

“She’s dead, got to be dead,” she said.

” We ran around the corner he’d pretty much just said, “F-you” [and] get your dog,” said Pietz.

“And he spat in her direction,” Ramsey said.  

Ramsey and Pietz say the incident, was reported to Tribal Police and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

“We weren’t even trespassing we were on the property with a real estate agent,” said Pietz.

Redwood News reached out to HCSO, according to their public information officer a report was filed, however no additional information was available.

The tribal police and real estate agent could not be reached in time for comment.

Both Ramsey and Pietz understand there are more urgent matters law officials have to tend to but Sophie was a sweet dog and considered a family member.

A memorial was created on their Santa Cruz property in the form of a flower bed, which happens to be Sophie’s favorite spot. 

“That’s a morning ritual, we wake up crying and we go out and sit in the flower bed to be with her, and you know it feels like her spirit is still there,” she said.