New guidance for spectators at youth sporting events


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) – After working alongside county health departments, the Humboldt-Del Norte League announced new guidance for spectators at youth sporting events.

Starting April 1, two spectators per athlete will be allowed at indoor sporting events. Prior to this announcement, no observers were allowed at indoor volleyball games.

Schools must designate an entry and exit point for each school and clear the venue between JV and varsity games to allow the maximum number of spectators. Each school must keep an official list of observers for every game. Outdoor sports, including football and soccer, must adhere to the same guidelines.

As part of the new guidance, seating capacity at outdoor sporting events will be opened up to 20%. As that number can change depending on location, athletes will be notified each week of how many observers can attend the game.

Hoopa will take the temperature of all spectators at both indoor and outdoor sporting events as an extra safety precaution. Masking and social distancing will still be required at all H-DNL competitions.