Vacant Council Seat Filled, Ray Altman Appointed


CRESCENT CITY, Calif. (KIEM)-The Crescent City Council filled their vacancy this week after a special meeting was held Tuesday.  

Ray Altman beat out Holly Greene, Jim Belardi and Michelle Radison of the position and will start his new role Monday.

All four candidates were asked a series of eight questions and given two minutes to answer, an additional two minutes was given to make their final pleas.

The seat was left vacant after former Pro Tem Mayor Alex Campbell resigned back in March after he pled guilty to two felony counts of perjury and one count of false declaration of candidacy.

The City Manager’s Office was alerted at the start of the year, Campbell didn’t live within city limits, which violates election laws.

“There were people, over 400 people that voted for Mr. Altman in the last election and we don’t know where those other votes would have gone if there, we didn’t have some fraud,” said Crescent City Mayor Jason Greenough. “This is an opportunity for us to kind of an opportunity to make it right and to allow the voters will.”

Altman will fill the vacancy until the November 2022 election.