One Covid-19 death, 34 additional cases reported in Humboldt County since Friday

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) — The Humboldt County Public Health Department has reported one Covid-19 death since Friday. The person was in their 70’s. This marks the 38th death since the start of the pandemic.

There were 34 additional cases also reported. The total case count has risen to 3,621. Health officials are monitoring 90 active cases. In the last week, 12 new cases have been reported in northern Humboldt, 54 more in the greater Humboldt Bay area, and two more cases in southern Humboldt. The biggest weekly increase has been among 30 year olds with 19 new cases reported followed by 20 year olds with 12 new cases in the last week. Right behind them is 10 to 19 year olds with 11 new cases.

There were 27 more recoveries reported over the weekend bringing that total number to 3,493.

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