Altercation involving sharp object lands two in critical condition and one dead


ARCATA, Calif. (KIEM)-Redwood News has learned more details surrounding yesterday morning’s stabbing incident that left one person dead.

The Arcata Police Department dispatched to a reported stabbing at about 1:20 early Sunday morning on the 100-block of G Street in Arcata. 

Johnathan Chairman was at the scene as the incident unfolded. 

“I heard some people, tussling around here, coming around the corner, fighting and I heard like, hit somebody, it sounded like a real thorough hit,” he said.  

Police arrived and discovered three men who appeared to have been injured from an object such as a knife or “slicing weapon” according to APD.

 “And the guy that stabbed, came up and said someone, somebody call 911, somebody call 911, and then everybody started freaking out,” said Chairman.       

Law officials determined the men knew each other prior to the assault that left a 27-year-old, and 23-year-old critically injured, and one man, now identified as 29-year-old Luis Enrique Pinel Zelaya, dead.

According to ADP the incident was determined to be an “isolated event” and “no threat to the public.”

Redwood News asked Lead Detective Sergeant Chris Ortega if anyone has been charged, he said due to the on-going investigation, no additional information or comment is being released at this time and encourages anyone who witnessed the incident to call (707) 822-2424.