Theft and vandalism have local business disheartened; owner says laws not being enforced


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)-A local restaurant owner was disheartened after, she discovered the fence to her business cut down and two heaters used for her customers, gone.

Restaurant owner Belen Espitia is now asking the public to help identify the person caught on surveillance camera committing the crime.

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It happened on Monday after midnight, at Pachanga Mexican Grill located at 1802 5th Street in Eureka.

The video footage shows the person grabbing the heater, with difficulty, then disappear out of frame, come back and cut the fence down, then take both outdoor heaters.

Now they have to be replaced, Espitia says this is not the first time she’s been a victim.

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“The worst part is that they never get punished for anything, they let them get away with everything,” she said.  “The police come, they are very nice, and they do their jobs. and they [criminals] go there [jail], and nothing happens to them.”

Espitia says as long as criminals know there are no consequences to their action, theft and vandalism will continue to plague the area.

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“The reason they keep doing it, and doing it, is because they don’t get punished, they get away with everything,” she said. “This is before and after the Covid, they don’t get punished for what they do. Laws are not being enforced the way they are supposed to be enforced.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Eureka Police Department at  (707) 441-4060.