Are businesses in Humboldt County requiring proof of vaccination?

EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)- With coronavirus cases on the rise again and the delta variant spreading like wildfire, many businesses across the country are requiring proof of vaccination for employees and customers.

Certain cities in California like San Francisco and Los Angeles have lots of businesses that are requiring their customers to show proof of vaccination.

The General Manager and Co-owner of Los Bagel, Travis May, says that he understands the need to take precautions, but his shop is going to take a different approach.

“Our employees are all masked and we don’t have indoor dining. So, in regards, we’ve never really rolled back to pre-pandemic business operations,” May said. “We’ve stayed with those safety measures, making sure that our employees are safe and that our customers are safe.”

Many local businesses we talked with are still on the fence about requiring proof of vaccination.

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