Organizations helping people get out of the path of a wildfire


WILLOW CREEK, Calif. (KIEM)- As the monument fire continues to grow, more and more residents are being told to evacuate their homes and find shelter in other places.

There are many evacuation centers setup to help those families in need of a safe place.

One of those centers is located at the Trinity Valley Elementary school in willow creek and for some people, it has been a tough couple of weeks.

“I’ve got a large truck and it takes a lot of gas and that’s a nightmare because gas is so high,” said Leslie Kinney, an evacuee. “I ain’t working now, unemployment cut me off. I mean it’s just weird. It’s just a bad time.”

The group, Pay It Forward Humboldt is also in Willow Creek providing resources like P.P.E., toiletries, food and some clothing to help those affected by the fires.

Some evacuees are afraid to stay in a public evacuation center because of the coronavirus pandemic and are opting to stay with friends or family.

“I do feel like COVID is creating fear, a little bit, of sheltering in a public space,” said the Regional Director for Pay it Forward, Dera Kelly. “Which is understandable, and I think that is another reason why many are being taken in by family. It’s so they can stay in their pods and together and be safe.”

For many these families, it’s been difficult to find shelter and resources. Both Pay it Forward and Red Cross want people to know that they are there to help and serve anyone who is being forced from their home.

“As Red Cross volunteers, we come from all over the country and come to help. We are glad to come and help in California,” said an EMT volunteer, Tere Shannon from Los Vegas. “It’s family, it’s all family and we just want to be there for them as they have been here for us.”

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