Willow Creek Shelter Evacuates to 7th Day Adventist Church in McKinleyville


MCKINLEYVILLE, Calif. (KIEM)- The Knob Fire in the Willow Creek area has now burned more than 1,000 acres and 0% containment. 

The American Red Cross Disaster program made the decision to evacuate the shelter in Willow Creek because the fire began to burn just two miles outside of town. Evacuees were moved to the 7th Day Adventist Church in McKinleyville. 

“We left everything in the shelter behind besides our personal items. The logistics behind that, the Red Cross provides shelter trailers. After we made the decision to move, within two hours we were already at the next location,” said Danny Portman, American Red Cross Disaster Services Volunteer. 

Many of the evacuees from the Knob Fire have already evacuated and this is their second or third evacuation shelter. Some residents left their homes weeks ago because of the Monument Fire.

“I had to evacuate very quickly. I left my home August 14th because of the Monument Fire that was just a mile away from my home. I stayed at a school, then a church and here in McKinleyville,” said James Quayle, evacuee at 7th Dat Adventist Church.

The number of evacuees have increased with the move to the McKinleyville shelter. The Red Cross estimates at least 11 families evacuating out of the Willow Creek area to McKinleyville.