The Salvation Army Remains Open on Labor Day

EUREKA- Calif. (KIEM)- The Salvation Army in Eureka is still working on this Labor Day to provide hot meals for the community.

The non-profit operates five days a week and is exempted from work on federal holidays. The lead pastors at the organization said they wanted to open their doors on Labor Day because their services are essential for the families and homeless in the area who they serve everyday. 

The officials also said they are working harder than ever because they are now providing meals for evacuees who are staying at the American Red Cross shelter in Fortuna and McKinleyville. They have become their regulars on top of the homeless, elderly, and families.

“The community counts on us to stay open. Federal holiday or not, people are hungry and they deserve hot meals. We are serving a larger group of people now because of the fires on top of that,” said Joshua Dulay, Senior Pastor at the Salvation Army in Eureka.

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