Local school teaches students where their food comes from


LOLETA, Calif. (KIEM)- Elementary School is where you learn the basics about reading, writing, and arithmetic. It’s also a place where you can learn life lessons like the rewards of hard work.

Loleta Elementary School students have been spending a lot of time learning about where their food comes from. Students at Loleta Elementary from Pre- K to 8th grade spend an average of 45 minutes a week at the school gardens learning hands-on how to run a garden.

“The one angle of it, we want to have education and the curriculum to help the next generation understand the impact and the importance of food and raising it and where it comes from and the second part of it, of course, is to help our families have another source of fresh produce,” said Superintendent at Loleta Elementary School.

Not only do they allow students to take fruit and vegetables home from the garden, but they incorporate the produce from the gardens at the school cafeteria. Hoping to try and get kids to eat healthier.

“But if they can help be a part of it and taste it; It helps them with developing the healthy habit of eating fruits and vegetables,” said Dan Ruggles, Gardner at Loleta School Elementary.

The Loleta Resource Center has also stepped in and opened up the garden to the public since it seems to be getting the community’s attention.

“Drive around, and they see the garden, they call the resource center, and they ask how they can get involved? Can I have space? So we do have a couple of community members that have a space for them to grow what they use and eat at home, “ Marcelina Mejia de Castillo, Service Coordinator at The Loleta Community Resource Center.

The kids are also learning how to can and preserve the produce. 

The Loleta Elementary School is also holding a Harvest Festival next month, allowing people to take some pumpkins home for themselves.

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