Doxo Insights Data Show Eureka Residents are Paying More on Many Household Bills

EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)- Doxo Insights is a company based in Seattle. They offer bill paying services where several household bills can be paid at once through their app or online.Their goal is to protect people from the hidden and avoidable fees that come with paying bills like overdraft and late fees that are both harmful to your wallet and your credit score. 

Doxo Insight Program releases detailed bill-pay statistics that shows the national average and regional average of household bills. It showed that residents in Eureka pay on average of $2,107 each month which is 11.6% higher than the national average of $1,886 but lower than the state average of $2,256.

“In Eureka, residents pay $615 on auto loans per month which is much higher than California’s average on auto loan payments, $448. It’s the same with auto insurance. Eureka’s average is $182 per month compared to the California’s average of $159 per month,” said Aria Thaker, Associate Manager of Doxo Insights. 

California is ranked as the largest state and second most expensive state in bill-pay data, second to Hawaii. 

“A Eureka consumer can look at the Doxo Insight Page and think they’re getting good deals on bills compared to the national average. However they can also get a better idea and see how much they’re paying compared to their neighbors in California. With this information, consumers could go through a bill negotiation service, shop around for another service and overall find better rates,” said Thaker.

All of these numbers can be found at the Doxo website and their Doxo Insight Page. 

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