The Pinc Lady Mansion has placed weathervane back on


EUREKA, Calif.(KIEM)- One of the most visited sighting areas in Humboldt County will be receiving much more attention. 

The Pinc Lady Mansion collaborates with Eric Hollenbeck of the Blue OX Millworks and Magnolia networks on a new series called The Craftsman. 

After more than half a century in the basement, the weathervane has now been brought back to life with an upgraded support structure, new cone finial, and skirting. 

They aren’t exactly sure when the weathervane was taken down. They know a storm hit, and the fire department had to come to take it down since, at the time, it was the only ladder high enough to reach it.

The restoration of the weathervane was of considerable significance to the victorian mansion since it was placed back to its original position on top of its 133-year-old rare onion dome turret. 

“Originally, the cone housed the weathervane… That was the only support, and nothing else was supporting the weathervane, and over time, water got in there and cracked it apart,” said Jacqueline Kretchmer, Owner of the Pinc Lady Mansion. 

The project to restore and replace the weathervane has been in the works for about six weeks.

“The main goal was to anchor it so that it wouldn’t lean or it could stand all weather, and it could stay for fifty-plus years,” said Stanley Elcock, Civil Engineer with SEE Engineering. 

The owner mentions that the project was expensive, but The Pinc Lady mansion needed to restore its original exterior perfection. And, of course, had help from local vendors.

“There has been a real collaboration between all of us to make it happen, and any one of us not being able to fit into the time frame would have scuppered the job. So it’s been really nice working with all these local outfits to make something like this work,” said Shawnee Alexandri, Owner of Alexandri Construction. 

The date hasn’t been set, but the Pinc Lady Mansion is currently in the works to offer educational programs, dining, shopping, guest house accommodations, events, and more.