Redwoods Basketball defends GVC title two years later


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM) – After an extended offseason due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Corsairs find themselves in a unique situation. College of the Redwoods will defend the Golden Valley Conference title nearly two years later.

Sophomore Zac Claus was a member of both teams.

“It has been a long grind,” Claus said. “Two years now coming up at the end of the year. So it is different than what most teams face.”

Despite being in limbo for so long, Head Coach Ryan Bisio says the Corsairs haven’t missed a beat.

“Our cultural values are still intact,” Bisio said. “We just have new players to kind of project those values.”

But with a new team comes new talent and with so much time to practice, this new-look squad could be an entirely different threat.

“With this team, we have been playing with each other for an extra year, so the chemistry is almost there a little more than it was two years ago,” Claus said.

Bisio says the team is hungry to prove that this group of players is different than the last team and could potentially advance even further. Despite the new faces, Bisio says fans should expect the same style of play.

“Our exciting brand of basketball is what was selling out games in the previous season,” Bisio said. “We feel like that brand is not only intact but has been enhanced in a sense.”

Two games into the season, College of the Redwoods is already aiming for another GVC championship after recording a win in both contests.

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