California Department of Public-Health universal masking mandate into effect as of today


EUREKA, Calif.(KIEM)- Faced with rising Covid-19 cases, the California Department of public-health announced on Monday it will require universal masking that begins today in all indoor public settings regardless of vaccine status.

The new announcement of the mask mandate that will remain in place through January 15 of 2022, might confuse what that means locally.

“It is a little confusing; there has been a lot of news about this new mask mandate from the state of California, which makes us feel like there is supposed to be a change, but because we have a mask mandate, it’s okay for us. We just keep doing what we were doing,” said Susan Seaman, Mayor for the City of Eureka. 

The new mask order comes as the Omicron variant discovered had spread rapidly last month. In California currently, more than  4,500 new cases are being reported every day.

“Everywhere, you did not have to wear a mask. That’s where the real challenge is. Because there is nothing worse than telling someone they don’t have to wear a mask and then telling them that they have to put it back on,” said Susan Seaman.

Due to the holidays, many more gatherings are taking place. The move aims to contain a new type of coronavirus as people gather with family and friends during the holidays.

“Just want to make sure that everybody is safe so that we can continue to celebrate into the new years,” said Susan Seaman