Visiting Angels team raised the most amount of money in Alzheimer’s National competition


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif.(KIEM)- The visiting Angels Eureka team finished in first place nationwide for the most money raised for a Visiting Angel team. They raised over 50 thousand dollars as a team, and teammate Lynn McKenna finished in 1st for most money raised by an individual, and she raised over 23 thousand dollars.

“Totally blown away by that. I want to say again that none of this would have been possible without the support of family, friends, the community. I have reached out to some private foundations. And they were very generous,” said Lynn McKenna, Advocacy Chair at the Alzheimers Association.

The team also won the award for having the largest visiting angels team and the most improved team. The team will be awarded $50,000 from the visiting angels CEO, which will increase the Visiting Angels team total to over $100,000. 

The majority of the money raised by the competition will go towards research.

“People apply for grants if they believe that they could do the scientific work to find the cure, and then they work on finding that cure. Or ways to improve the lives of those dealing with this terrible disease,” said Jeanne O’Neale, Owner of Visiting Angels in Eureka.

This is the most money that a Visiting Angels team has ever raised in the seven years that the competition has been held.

Most involved have a personal connection to the disease, so they try to help other individuals since they know it’s a challenging disease for those diagnosed and caregivers. “If you know somebody who has dementia of any kind, not just Alzheimer’s but any kind of dementia…please let them know that help is on the way, and we are here to support them any way we can,” said Lynn McKenna.

If you would like to donate you can do so at through December.

For more information visit the Alzheimer’s website site is