Residents are reminded to protect outdoor water pipes and crops which can freeze


NORTH COAST, Calif.(KIEM)- After having a few weeks of spring-like weather on the North Coast, that seems to be changing quickly as the National Weather Service of Eureka has issued a hard freeze warning.

The agency shared that frost and freeze conditions can kill crops and sensitive vegetation and possibly damage unprotected outdoor plumbing.

“Water them really well before they freeze because a lot of the plants freeze through the plastic or clay and freeze the roots and kill the plants that way,” said Jeffrey Nelson, Nursery Owner.

As for plumbing, the national weather service recommends wrapping, draining, or allowing water pipes to be dripping slowly to prevent freezing and possibly bursting of outdoor pipes.

“People in particular if they have an outside faucet buy some inexpensive insolation over at the local hard wear store, and insolate their pipe to keep it from freezing,” said Larry Giventer, Eureka Resident.

And don’t forget to bring your furry friends indoors to keep warm during these freezing temperatures.