$250 Million dollar bill unveiled to support mental health

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif.(KIEM)- California leaders are rushing to improve mental health care for school kids.

A bill highlighted today by North Coast state senator Mike McGuire aims to address the emotional toll of the pandemic, natural disasters, and community-wide trauma.

“With the leadership of Superintendent Thurman, we’re introducing this crucial bill SB 1229; we’ll establish a program, as you heard, to provide 10,000 grants for aspiring mental health clinicians who commit to serving children and youth at California public schools and community-based organizations,” said Senator Mike McGuire.

Students coming out of the pandemic are experiencing anxiety, depression, loneliness, and suicidal thoughts.

“In 2019, Humboldt and Trinity’s counties had the highest prevalence of youth exposed to four or more adverse childhood experiences. Also known as aces, adverse childhood experiences could be defined as substance abuse in the home, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, or a parent who is incarcerated,” said Mike McGuire. 

The 250 million dollars will be fund 10 thousand, 25 hundred dollar grants.

Those that receive the grant will have to commit to at least two years of practice as a mental health professional.

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