New Arcata CRV Buyback Center aiming to open its doors April 1st

ARCATA, Calif.(KIEM)- Plans for a Humboldt County redemption center for cans and bottles are moving forward now that California has approved a permit for the facility.

Crescent city-based Hambro Recycling and the city of Arcata are looking to advance the project and open its doors on April 1st.

Hambro says it’s now working with landowners on the changes to the property on ‘G’ street in Arcata, where the facility will be located.

Arcata expects the new center to alleviate pressure on local markets and reduce solid waste in the landfills.

“The city sees it as a strategy with mandatory curbside recycling. CRV is yet another opportunity for people to gain money back while also recycling and reducing the amount of waste that goes into our landfills,” said Emily Sinkhorn, City of Arcata Environmental Services Director.

Hambro Recycling plans to finalize the date tomorrow when they meet up with planners and property landowners. 

“The next step will be working with the city for a building permit. And we anticipate that going smoothly,” said Emily Sinkhorn.

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