Zane Students Collaborate with the City of Eureka on Art Project

EUREKA, Calf. (KIEM)- Eureka City School students have teamed up with the city of Eureka for a major art project.

Zane middle school, 8th-grade art students, are working on a mural along ‘S’ street just steps away from the outside of the school.

Students have been working alongside local muralist Mir de Silva, who has helped them from start to finish.

The mural has taken three weeks to complete, with students handling every aspect of the project, from design to drawing and painting.

“And we were open with the students when we started this, that this is a huge deal. And they were totally game on from the very beginning to take this project on. And every day, the students have come out here, and they have put everything they’ve got into what we’re doing. Some mornings have been cold, and some have been drippy, but we’re still painting every day. The students have come out here enthusiastic and ready to go,” said Ken Wieiderman, Art Teacher.

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