Beating the heat along the North Coast


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM)- Today marking the hottest day of the summer. The National Weather Service had advised everyone to take precautions to stay cool. Coastal Humboldt communities saw temperatures soar above 70 degrees today. Meanwhile, Humboldt’s interior valleys saw temperatures well above a hundred.

Despite the heat, some residents enjoyed being outdoors — using a trip to the river to cool off.

“We’re super grateful because it’s never this hot in Humboldt. But it was nice. We all have the day off to enjoy with our family. And then we were just like River Days, perfect spot. And I think it’s going to be like 90 or something. So, we hyped about that and then just like went to the grocery store, got a bunch of food, blew up a bunch of paddleboards floaties, and just going to spend the whole day out here until dinner,” said Maritza Solano, Humboldt County Resident.