Officer Involved Shooting in Eureka investigation update


EUREKA, Calif.(KIEM)- There are new details emerging tonight about an exchange of gunfire during a wild, high-speed chase — involving Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies — that ended in a crash along the streets of Eureka last night.

We’re now learning that the driver of the fleeing vehicle is said to be a convicted felon — while one of his passengers has an extensive criminal history and was armed with an AK-47.

“I open the windows and also hear this bang, pop, pop, pop. You know, and I thought, of course, we got all these fireworks going off all the time. And I thought, you know, this doesn’t sound like fireworks. It’s a different sound between of what a gun makes and what fireworks do,” said Lyle Nutting, Eureka Resident Who Heard Gunfire.

Just before 7:30P.M. on Wednesday at the intersection of Harrison and Buhne streets.

A police chase came to an end when a vehicle being pursued by a Sheriff’s deputy crashed into another vehicle.

During the pursuit, authorities say a passenger in the car being chased opened fire on law enforcement.

“Later identified as Jared Eli Aubrey, 32 years old, of Eureka, fired numerous rounds from a firearm at our peace officers. He is on parole for multiple firearm possession convictions in addition to convictions for assault, battery and the sale of controlled substances. He has an extensive criminal history involving multiple violent offenses,” said Samantha Karges, with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

The windshield of a Sheriff’s vehicle involved in the pursuit was struck by a bullet.

“The driver of the vehicle was identified as Derek Myles McCowan, aged 27 of Eureka. He is also on parole for vehicular manslaughter, for conviction of vehicular manslaughter and was found to have an active warrant for violation of that parole. McCowan did sustain a minor injury as a result of the traffic collision. There was a third occupant inside the vehicle. That person was detained, questioned and released. deputies did not have evidence of that person committing a crime,” said Samantha Karges.

Investigators are still trying to piece together exactly what happened over a crime scene that stretched for several blocks.