The Lost Coast Kennel Club Dog Show


FERNDALE, Calif.(KIEM) – The Lost Coast Kennel Club Dog Show will be taking place from July 22-25 in the Ferndale fairgrounds soccer field. Beginning at 8AM each day, and continuing till all the dogs have been judged, the show welcomes the public to enjoy the event. 

There are three sections that dogs participating in the show can compete in. They are the agility trial, the barn hunt and the coursing ability test. All of the competitions are focused on the dog’s ability in a certain arena. 

The event attracts people from various locations, some traveling far to participate. 

“We draw people from the Bay Area, from Oregon, from the Valley. People have come from a long ways away to enjoy these different sports with their dogs,” said Beverly Morgan Lewis, the Lost Coast Kennel Club Agility Chair. 

The competition is not exclusive to purebred dogs, they are accepting all mixes from all destinations. 

“That’s a real misconception that only purebred dogs can compete in American Kennel Club events. Mixed breed dogs can compete in a number of AKC events, including agility, fast cat, barn hunt, obedience rally. So there’s a lot of opportunities for mixed breed dogs to participate,” said  Lewis

Many handlers say not only do their dogs enjoy the competition, but they also get something out of it. 

“It keeps me active, you know?… all the dogs I have all love it. They love to go out and run. And my older guy, who’s 13, he doesn’t run anymore, but he doesn’t mind coming because he gets food,” said Evelyn Criswell, a resident of Southern California who traveled to Ferndale for the show.

The show welcomes the public to come and watch but asks you to leave your dog at home if they are not competing in the competition.