Redwood Acres Fairgrounds Converted to Cal Fire Emergency Fire Camp

Eureka, Calif. (KIEM)- The Cal Fire emergency fire camp is almost completely set up at the Redwood Acres Fairground. The camp provides a number of resources to firefighters as they come off the line of duty.

Starting just this last Tuesday, numerous facilities and resources have been brought in to the redwood acres fairground to set up the Cal Fire emergency fire camp. These resources include over 500 overhead personnel that are working to put together and operate facilities.

Firefighters from across the state are being brought in to help contain the six rivers lightning complex fire, some using this emergency fire camp as a place to recharge, fuel, and eat. 

“We have a regular full kitchen that’s set up to provide breakfast and dinners for crews that are here during those times. We have supply stations set up… Camps can have everything from laundry facilities to shower facilities, sleeping quarters,” said Jeremy Ward, the Cal Fire Battalion Chief.

Firefighters in this case are spending a period of 24 hours on duty and then 24 hours off duty. The supply area of base camp is crucial for preparing firefighters and their equipment for their next shifts. Firefighter Daniel Flores explains to us the importance of the supply area. 

“As units come off the fire. You know, they have equipment needs based on the equipment they used out there. Any equipment they might have damaged or broken hose gets put out on the ground and needs to stay on the ground because there’s still active portions of the fire. And so the hose needs to stay in place. So we supply them with the hose to replace the hose they put out,” said Flores.

Although the base camp is almost completely set up, Cal Fire is prepared to bring in further resources and stay for the entire duration of the fire. If conditions worsen within the coming weeks, the camp will stay up and possibly expand.

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