Why the Six River Lightning Complex Fire Remains at 80% Containment 

Willow Creek, Calif. (KIEM)- For a week now the Six Rivers Lightning Complex fire has remained at 80% containment. Many are wondering why there has been no change in that percentage. But, the simple answer is that while firefighters make progress on the ground, so does the fire.

Public Information Officer, Daniel Ramey, took us to the frontlines of the fire and explained some of the mechanisms that help in the firefighting process. 

“We’re here on a dozer line that was used to actually secure this line that came up on this side. They have hose already plumbed. This was used to hold the fire in its location,” said Ramey. “We’re near Cedar Creek, as you see here across the other side of Cedar Creek. The fire is making a little bit of advancements where we have our crews on the other side working that line.”

Crews prioritize these lines in an effort to stop the fire in its tracks, or at least slow it down. And, while bulldozers are most efficient at making these lines, hours of physical labor are also required, as much of the terrain on the Campbell fire is too rough and steep for the use of heavy machinery.

Talking about another fire line, Ramey explains, “crews have cleared on each side of that dozer line, basically making it a stronger, more defensible fire line. Then they put hose on it like we saw over here, they’re going to be able to hold that when the fire comes.”

Now at over 32 thousand acres, personnel stay focused on keeping the fire within those containment lines, as well as establishing back-up lines in case fire activity picks up in the coming days.

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