Containment of the Six Rivers Lightning Complex Fire Drops to 54%


Willow Creek, Calif. (KIEM)- The containment of the Six Rivers lightning complex fire dropped to 54% last night. officials say that the new containment percentage was updated to correctly reflect the amount of the fire perimeter that is deemed fully contained. Although this is a large reduction to percentage, many control lines have been completed and are nearing containment classification.

“In the Monday evening hours, fire activity picked up. There was a spot fire located by aerial reconnaissance, a drone. It’s near the Ziegler Ridge area,” said Daniel Ramey, a Public Information Officer assigned to the fire. “It’s grown with the terrain. It kind of continued to roll out the steep terrain. They’re going to work on that fire today.”

As for the Ammon fire, officials say that it is doing a good job of staying within its current footprint. Crews are still patrolling the area and continuing to secure control lines, but it seems to be behaving for the time being. 

“They’re actually even thinking about some of the repairs that need to be done on that fire line. So that’s good. We’re not seeing any major fire activity,” said Ramey. 

The Campbell fire is not behaving as well. A structure protection task force was put together to patrol Trinity Village and Hawkins Bar, as the Campbell fire continues to approach those areas. 

Josh Wright, a member of the Structure Protection Task Force says his main job is to assess all the structures, but especially those that are becoming increasingly threatened by the fire. 

“The Structure Protect Protection Task Force is responsible for the Trinity Village community, Suzie Q road, and the Gray’s flat area,” said Wright. “Our job is to go out and assess the structures, identify water sources…we’re just assessing the structures right now closest to the fire’s edge.” 

Crews continue defensive firing operations on Lone Pine Ridge and just north of the fire in an effort to slow, and hopefully stop the forward spread.