All Evacuation Orders in Humboldt County Have Now Been Downgraded to Warnings

Willow Creek, Calif. (KIEM)- The Six Rivers Lightning Complex fire remains at 64% containment and nearly 40,000 acres. Evacuation orders in Humboldt County have now all been downgraded to warnings, as officials become more confident about control lines 

Public information officer assigned to the fire, Daniel Ramey, explains to us that some areas of the Campbell fire are looking much better. 

“Everything is looking really good along all this black line… We haven’t had any calls for service in like a day and a half, two days. So that’s really good,” said Ramey. “That shows that everything is cleaning up. The mop up operations from the firefighters are working. We’re getting that that line moved off and the people are not having that concern. So we’re really proud of that.”

As Humboldt County becomes less of an area of concern, the fire progresses towards trinity village and residences prepare for the worst. 

Trinity Village homeowner, Jim Wilson, became so concerned that he began moving all his important things out of his home. 

“We live in Eureka. We had a summer home here for 25 years. So we’re here just trying to protect our plans, move things out, and just be prepared. You just never know what’s going to happen.”

Firefighters focus on securing the fire along the system of roads behind Trinity Village 

“Some of the work that was done that has been really instrumental to locking in and making this a safe, control line above the Trinity Village and the Hawkins Bar area, was the work that was done on the Grove’s Prairie Road,” said Daniel Ramey. “There were defensive firing operations done almost continuously. We had that socked in smoke for a long period of time. That allowed us to do low intensity burns successfully and safely. 

Ramey goes on to say that, “As that main fire comes down, it’s going to burn into our control burn or defensive burn, rather, and that’s going to allow us to stop the fire and not let it cross into the Trinity Village into the Hawkins Bar area.”

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