Heatwave to Increase Six Rivers Lightning Complex fire Activity

Willow Creek, Calif. (KIEM)- The Six Rivers Lightning Complex fire continues to grow in containment as crews work hard using a full suppression strategy on the flames. 

Lead Public Information Officer assigned to the fire, Tom Stokesberry gave us the rundown on fire activity in the last day. 

“So today, our current acreage is 41,296 acres and our containment is up to 73 percent.  The footprint of the fire has not grown… The uptick in acreage is due to some of these interior islands filling,” said Stokesberry. “We’re just kind of letting them naturally consume, and we have fire crews all in and around these areas holding and monitoring these interior pockets so that it stays within its footprint.” 

Along with monitoring the interior pockets of the fire, firefighters have secured some of the lines above Trinity Village and continue to make great progress to protect that community. 

“That area is actually doing really, really well. You can actually see we have some black hard lines in there. That means the fire has we’re confident it will not move in that area,” said Stokesberry.

California’s heatwave may bring record high temperatures to Willow Creek and possibly affect the fires behavior in the coming days. 

“We have a very high pressure system that’s moving into the area and forecasting record breaking hot temperatures…108 °F is what they recorded, I believe, back in the sixties. And they’re talking about potentially 109 °F or 110 °F tomorrow,” said Nic Elmquist, Fire Behavior Analyst assigned to the fire. 

The high temperatures will increase dryness and cause unburned fuel within the fire perimeter to possibly ignite. Officials are not alarmed by this, as long as it is within the fire’s perimeter and not jumping outside its footprint. Crews will maintain a strong presence as the weather changes and stay prepared with aircraft to respond to concerning smoke sightings. 

Officials urge residents to stay hydrated and to be cautious of the coming heat wave as it approaches. 

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