Residents Not Notified of Boil Water Advisory in Weott

Weott, Calif. (KIEM)- A boil water advisory was issued on the 27th of last month for the entire town of Weott. The notice was published online, but many residents were not physically notified till days after, and by that time they had already been using the unsafe water. 

Weott Resident, Amber Allen, was alarmed to find out about the boil water advisory days after it was originally put out. 

“On August 31st, we had a man come and hand us a community member, harness a boil water notice and said we should have been handed it three or four days prior. So he’s just getting it to us a little late and that we should not drink the tap water. And we said we were already feeding it to our animals..”

Allen’s dog unfortunately passed away a few days early. Allen suspects that her dog’s cause of death may be related to the inadequate disinfection of their tap water. 

“He was a  healthy dog, he went outside to use the bathroom almost two weeks ago and collapsed. We brought him on several vet trips. They could not figure out what his intestinal infection was and he ended up passing away.”

The notice states that the towns tap water has gone through inadequate disinfection which my cause stomach or intestinal illness

Amber Allen’s son, RJ, is also upset about the water quality and lack of communication. 

“He was in perfect health. He was just a great dog. And it’s just crazy. Now that he’s gone because of this, people should be speaking out about this kind of stuff,” said RJ. “Because if dogs and, you know, my dog died from this even though he was out of perfect health, that this should have been fixed or even solved a long time ago.”

Some residents were not even aware of the advisory till today. 

“This is the first I learned of it this morning,” said Weott Resident,  Ben Pain. “I don’t know what’s going on or why they’re saying boil the water. What’s wrong with the water? It needs to be explained. What’s wrong with the water? Can it be remedied? We need to print out signs and mail them to every citizen here.”

Till further notice, all water from the Weott Community Service District drinking water system should be boiled or put through an adequate purification procedure before use.

The boil water notice can be found here: Boil Water Notice – Weott Community Services District (

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