Firefighters Work Through Extreme Heat on the Six Rivers Lightning Complex Fire

Willow Creek, Calif. (KIEM)- Yesterday in Willow Creek, temperatures hit a high of 108℉. Today was also extremely warm, especially for those wearing pounds of fire gear. 

“Our firefighters out on the line could be carrying anywhere from 20 to 50 pounds of weight on their back, ” said Josh Fudge, the Medical Unit Leader assigned to the fire.  

Besides their fire protective attire, firefighters also carry packs of heavy gear. This gear ranges from bottles of water to tools. Fudge explains that the medical unit is always concerned with this gear causing trips and falls, but there is also a concern of heat exhaustion in extreme weather conditions. 

“We do have the fire line, paramedics and EMTs that are able to help encourage and provide water and electrolyte replacements out on the line if needed,” said Fudge. 

Although the heatwave intensifies the working condition for crews, they continue to make progress on the fire containment. The containment of the Ammon fire reached 100% and the containment of the Campbell fire is at 79%. 

“We’ve really strengthened the lines above Trinity Village in the Hawkins Bar area. That area is really looking good. All evacuations have been removed. So we’re feeling really good about that community right in there,” said Tom Stokesberry, the Lead Public Information Officer assigned to the fire.  

Stokesberry goes on to say, “The lines that we had in place have really held through this heat wave. So really a testament to the hard work these firefighters have been doing out there on the line, even during these heat waves, wind events. They’ve been out there 16 hours a day working real hard to maintain these lines and keep the fire within its current footprint.”

High temperatures are predicted to continue throughout this week and officials remind us to take appropriate precautions 

“Just like the firefighters out on the line, the citizens, the community needs to stay hydrated,” said Fudge. “When we get temperatures that reach up into these hundred degrees that we’re not normally used to. We want to make sure that we’re staying indoors, staying in cool places, and making sure we’re drinking lots of water.” 

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