Picnic for Peace on the Arcata Plaza


Arcata, calif. (KIEM)- A picnic for peace was organized on the plaza this morning. It was put together by community members and plaza employees in an effort to promote peace and denounce violence on the plaza. 

Bagged lunches and barbeques were brought out to the plaza this morning as people gathered for the picnic for peace event. Organizers intended to bring the community together, inviting plaza businesses, police officers, the homeless, and many other members of the community. 

Arcata community member, Jeff Sterling, attended the event and played a part in its organization. 

“So this event today is to promote tolerance and peace on the plaza, to stop the violence,” said Sterling. “We have a lot of problems going on in our city and in the world. But the one thing we should have here in Arcata is a peaceful plaza.”

Community members appreciated those who came down to the plaza this morning.

“The housed people who came down are not prejudiced, as you know. You know, people blame their problems on the homeless. And, you know, so it’s a big deal if you come down here,” said Brendan Larkin, an Arcata community member.

Law enforcement peacefully attended the event. 

“If we can be partners in the community to try to help, you know, promote peace down here. Happy to do it,” said Keith Altizer, Arcata Police Sergeant. 

Many hope that more events like this would be organized in the future and that the plaza can remain a peaceful gathering place for the community.