October is National Arts & Humanities Month – Celebrate Local Artists

Eureka, calif. (KIEM)- October is National Arts & Humanities month. The Humboldt Arts Council is celebrating by highlighting local artists and promoting the important role of art in our community.

Humboldt County is home to more artist per capita than any other county in California and with such a large community of artists National Arts & Humanities Month holds great significance 

Jemima Harr, the Executive Director and Curator of the Humboldt Arts Council, explained to us the significance of the nationally highlighted month.

“Here at the Humboldt Arts Council. We celebrate the arts and the humanities all year long, but definitely the month of October is an important one for us because it is the national celebration of arts and humanities across the country.”

This month is an opportunity for art and humanities to be appreciated, shared, and enjoyed. 

“The mission of the Humboldt Arts Council is to incorporate the arts in everyday lives,” said Harr.

And the council does this by holding various events each month. 

“We do a lot of programs every single month. We participate in Arts Alive the first Saturday of the month. We also have Family Arts Day, which is the second Saturday of the month,” said Harr. “This coming weekend. On Sunday, we have our afternoons of jazz with Laura Hennings.”

If you want to see the latest from local artists, you can visit the Morris Graves Museum of Art in Eureka noon to 5 Wednesday through Sunday.

“We have such a great, amazing community. It’s a great month to be able to celebrate what we all do here in the arts,” said Harr.

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