Valentine’s Day Not Your Thing? Try an Anti-Valentines Day Cabaret


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM) With Valentine’s Day a week away, some people are already beginning to feel the love.

“I think Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday,” said Muriyah Lund, a Eureka resident. “I think that it doesn’t necessarily get enough press and stuff because people think it’s hokey or corny, you know?”

Others are not so gushy about the holiday.

“I’m not a big fan of the holiday,” said Garett Tsui, a Manilla resident. “It’s all commercial, and I don’t really appreciate that, I’m kind of sick of it.”

If you’re like Tsui and you’re not in the mood, an Anti-Valentines Day Cabaret at the Redwood Curtain is premiering for one night only on February 11th.

“We thought, you know, everybody does Valentine’s Day. Let’s do something that’s anti-Valentine’s Day,” said Christina Jioras, the box office manager at Redwood Curtain who is also on the Board of Directors.

“We tried to steer away from too many, Oh, you broke my heart. And I’m so sad songs and it’s a lot more, I’m so much better off without you songs in there,” she said.

Jioras also mentioned that for this particular production, unlike any of their others, they acquired a liquor license. So they will be serving adult beverages at the Cabaret.

To get tickets to the show you can visit