The Pineapple Express food truck has relocated to Northern Humboldt


The Pineapple Express Food Truck has relocated from Garberville to Northern Humboldt areas, bringing Hawaiian plate lunches to Arcata, Eureka and Mckinleyville. 

“It’s Hawaii food which is different than Hawaiian food like Hawaiian is an ethnicity and Hawaii food is more like an amalgam of all the immigrant cultures that came to work on the sugar plantation back in the day like my grandparents,” said owner of the food truck Codi Nishimoto. “The reason we are doing that is because it’s what I know. It’s simple, good comfort food and I’m from Hawaii.”

Nishimoto started her food business in 2017 in Garberville. After six years, Garberville’s economy felt like it was slowing down, according to Nishimoto. Once they gained more exposure through selling at festivals there was a hype to relocate north and the “reception has been really good,” Nishimoto said.

“I didn’t know anything, I don’t have any professional training in the kitchen or anything,” Nishimoto said. “I just had a dream and a passion and put a lot of work, effort and long hours in.”

Food choices at the Pineapple Express food truck are made from scratch down to the sauces, side dishes and main course. Originally from Hawaii, Nishimoto missed eating her homelands food and naturally wanted to consume it and that was some of the inspiration behind the start of her business. 

People can find the truck open from 11:30 a.m. through 5:30 p.m. at the following locations: Mondays at Holly Yashi in Arcata, Tuesday & Thursday at Overtime in Eureka which is the old Angelo’s pizza parlor, Wednesdays at Six River Brewery in Mckinleyville and Fridays at the Heart of Humboldt.

“We really believe in putting love into Aloha into all of our dishes like everything we create and put out,” Nishimoto said.